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Présentation du laboratoire 3SR

Laboratoire 3SR -Sols, Solides, Structures - Risques conducts cutting edge research in solid mechanics, with application to structural, civil and environmental engineering, as well as energy and health.

It is an « Unité Mixte de Recherche »meaning that it is under the administrative and scientific tutelage of three institutions: one national research body CNRS-INSIS, as well as two local universities, l’Université Grenoble Alpes and Grenoble-INP.

This research lab is divided into three research teams.

Objectives and approaches

The research done in Laboratoire 3SR is in the general field of Solid Mechanics. More specifically, the main domains of the research carried out in Laboratoire 3SR concern:
• Technological and Environmental Risks:
o For surface and sub-surface storage
o For gravity and seismic risk
o For underground collapse (structure-climate interaction)
o Safety of sensitive structures
• The Mechanical Behaviour and Maintenance of:
o Structures and geotechnical engineering works
o Complex materials (granular media, porous media, fibrous and woven materials, reinforced, biological and bio-inspired materials, etc.)
In all these domains are approached by experiments and modelling which are done both at the material scale, as well as at the engineering scale. Experimental work is carried out with the objective of understanding, analysing and informing theoretical and analytical models taking into account physical-mechanical coupling over multiple scales.

Laboratoire 3SR has numerous original and relevant experimental installations in the fields of mechanics of materials, geomaterials as well as structures, with some installations being totally unique worldwide.


PhD candidates in the lab do their studies in the formations doctorales of Grenoble : (Edimep2 INPG)


Majority of research projects in Laboratoire 3SR are carried out in collaborations with partners outside the lab. When collaborations are prolonged, they have often given birth to federative structures recognised by our supporting institutions (CNRS, UGA, Grenoble-INP), in which Laboratoire 3SR is always a very active founding member.
These structures, due to their membership, can have a unifying role at the Grenoble level, as well as at the regional, national and international levels, and accompany the creation, development and diffusion of knowledge of the competences of the different partners. Furthermore, these structures can also finance collaborative research projects.

The institutional partnerships of the lab are the following:

Labex Tec 21

The Engineering of Complexity:

Mechanical and process engineering contribution to 21st century societal issues.

Tec 21 unites 7 labs of which Laboratoire 3SR is one.

Keywords :

Space and aeronautics, process engineering, biorefinery, civil engineering, energy production and saving, environment, health


La The Fed3G rallies the research efforts on the Grenoble

in engineering sciences in the domains of mechanics, process

engineering and the physics of soft matter.

Keywords :

Environmental engineering, ecotech et cleantech, civil engineering, bio-engineering, space and aeronautics, energy


Structure fédérative Vulnerability of structures undergoing a natural or technological hazard (Vulnérabilité des Ouvrages aux Risques – VOR).

_ Research network of academic and contractual partners resulting in pluridisciplinary competences on natural risks.

Keywords :

Understanding the natural phenomena and their effects on engineering works, analysis tools for vulnerability and risk-management tools


Research and study centre on the vulnerability of infrastructure -

Research federation whose aim is to carry out interdisciplinary research in the domain of the vulnerability of engineering works and infrastructure regarding dynamic loading (earthquakes, shocks, impacts, blasts). These effects are studied by lab experiments, analytical modeling and numerical simulations.


Earthquakes, shocks, impacts, blasts, analytical modeling numerical simulations.

GIS Matériaux Architecturés

Analysis of multi-functional properties by matching of materials and by optimisation of their architecture for energy, health, micro- and nano-technologies, transport and construction.

Keywords :

Particulate, cellular, woven, multi-layer, gradient and bio-inspired media

Institut Carnot Polynat

Le réseau

The PolyNat network is devoted to the design, production and application of high-added value, functional materials by taking advantage of the self-assembly of elementary bricks of plant material, at micro and nano scales.


High-added value materials, “bio-sourced” materials

ALERT Geomaterials

Le réseau

The ALERT network groups thirty European universities in the domain of experimental characterisation and numerical modeling of geomaterials and geo-structures.


Geomaterials and geo-structures, geomechanics, micromechanics, modeling, engineering, strain, instabilities


Director: Robert Peyroux

mèl :

Tel : +33 4 76 82 70 87

Fax : +33 4 76 82 70 43

Addres : Laboratoire 3SR

Domaine Universitaire


38041 Grenoble Cedex 9


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